Bold Patterns – Do You Love Them or Hate Them?

At my old job we rarely used patterns. As a matter of fact none of my projects had a pattern in them.   Instead, everything from the carpets to the throw pillows were covered in solids.  I must admit, at the time I yearned for a bold pattern each time a fabric rep would come to the office.  But looking back, I completely understand why Vicente, my old boss didn’t use them.  In interiors where there are no patterns, there is a serene calm with little to no static.  In addition, there is a confidence present. There is no relying on a textile designer’s print to make the interiors sing.  Instead, it’s just pure talent in being able to layer different materials, textures, and colors to make it look dynamic and interesting.

However, on the other side of the spectrum, I realize my old job’s interiors weren’t the norm.  They were so high-end that the furniture didn’t need anything like a bold print to detract from its beauty.  You could literally upholster some of those pieces in muslin and they would still be beautiful.  I understand not all spaces are like that.  So, therefore I love patterns and what they can do.  They can take an old worn out sofa and turn it into an interesting element with a couple of throw pillows or even a throw.  With a bold rug, they can take an ugly ordinary room and turn it into a dynamic room of color.  Bold patterns can help to tie a room together or add a little something to a room that is lacking.

Below are some of my favorites patterns that I’ve seen recently.   I’m dying over all the Chevrons, Ikats, and Batiks. They are all so so beautiful.


Buddakahn Blue Fabric on Oyster 302872F through Quadrille – Trade Only


Island Ikat Pale Aqua Fabric on White 6460-32 available through Quadrille – Trade Only


Tashkent Royal Blue Fabric on Oyster 302506F available through Quadrille Fabrics – Trade Only


Kite Kilim Rug available through West Elm


Diamond Ikat Azure Pillow available through Dwell Studio


 Cross Pillow Mustard and Gray  available through Jonathan Adler


 Lucky Strike Pillow Navy and Orange available through Jonathan Adler


 Suzani Blue Graham Fabric available through Madeline Weinrib Atelier – Trade Only


Organic Blockprint Black Zig Zag Pillow available through Madeline Weinrib Atelier


Ikat Dashwood Pillow available through Madeline Weinrib Atelier


 Ikat Blue Dodi Fabric available through Madeline Weinrib Atelier – Trade Only


 Ikat Dove Stripe Fabric available through Madeline Weinrib Atelier – Trade Only


Ikat Purple Mu Pillow available through Madeline Weinrib Atelier – Trade Only


Flower of Love Wall Covering available through Flavor Paper


 Fruits of Design Wall Covering available through Flavor Paper


Scallop Embroidery Fabric through Schumacher – Trade Only


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